Survivor Royale's logoDo you want to do adventurous activities? Does your mind is full of thrilling survival fantasies? Do you love shooting scenarios and to fight with death? Do you have the skills to survive till end? Then for sure this is the place to be! Survivor Royale can be judged by its name that it’s a survival game. What is meant by survival game? Let’s start from its beginning to convey more comprehensive idea of the game. In this game there will be a huge map and approximately one hundred players will be present at different places. And if we talk about weapons then interesting part of the game to be discussed here is that at the beginning there will be no weapons with any player. The weapons will be present at different places of the area. The most interesting part of the game is its thriller. You will experience an amazing thriller game features and its eye catching scenes of shooting and other war stuff. This game offers a complete thrilling and entertaining package. It’s an amazing Royale game play. If you want to survive you must have the skills to attack and defense at the same time otherwise you are dead. Before all this scenario you’ll be provided with a short practicing period for your training so that you can achieve a good entertaining mood while playing the game.

So what’s the main thing you need to do in this type of game? All you need to do is to protect yourself from your enemies and you need to survive till end at any cost. This is what survival game is all about.


  • Parachute: In the beginning of this game the most entertaining part is when a player jumps from a cargo plane towards land into the area of his enemies.
  • Server: In this game you have the choice to choose a pretty good server in order to accelerate or improve the performance of the game. And if we talk about the number of servers then the number of servers this game is having are 3.
  • Players And Map: If we talk about players count and map layout of this game then we’ll reach a conclusion that it’s a very good feature of this game that it can host one hundred players on its small map layout due to which we can say that gaming features in this game are at very fast pace.
  • Controls: If we talk about controls then we’ll reach a conclusion that game developers have designed this game in such a manner that a user feels so comfortable while using its controls which makes it more attractive.
  • Visual And Other Effects: Virtual effects is the main topic to discuss in gaming world. As we know that user demands to experience things which can be maximum similar to real life so visual and other effects are very decent in this game. You can relate its graphics to reality as compared to other games which lacks in this sector.

Get Survivor Royale for PC and Mac

Survivor Royale for PC


If we talk about the 21st century, more specifically 2019 then we’ll reach a conclusion that in present time period people are so addicted to their android or apple mobile phones that they want everything inside that small gadget whether you are talking about cameras, games, social media or any other stuff they want to see their mobiles as a complete package. So that’s the main reason that gaming on mobile phones is becoming very common now a days. But hold on! Are you a PC or MAC gaming lover? So what’s the big deal? You should not be worried by reading above lines because you can also play Survivor Royale on your PC or MAC. But wait a second? How is this possible? Well it’s very easy all need to have is emulator. We’re pretty sure that this will arise a question in your mind that what actually emulator is? Let us give you a short explanation on it.


As mentioned above in the article that in present age people want everything on their mobile phones but if you are willing to use the same environment on your PC or MAC then emulator is the best deal for you. You can use this software to experience the system of other environment on your PC. What does this mean? It means that for example if you want to play Survivor Royale on your PC but its android game so you will use emulator to transform PC system into android one for the time being. That’s what emulator is and that’s how it works.

Some emulators:

How to Choose Emulator?
If you talk about the best emulator then without having any doubt Bluestacks and Nox are the right answers for this question. These are the best emulators available on the internet.

  • Bluestacks: As mentioned earlier in the article that if you want to install an application in your MAC or let’s say PC, so bluestacks is the best option. Moreover if we talking about syncing then bluestacks provide syncing in such a way that when you will use data on your smart mobile hence it will complete the task effectively
  • Nox: Nox also provides the same features similar to bluestacks. So discussing the same thing and features again and again would be boring.

Playing Survivor Royale on PC and Mac via Bluestacks

Bluestacks's logoHere is the comprehensive guide to lead you to a thrilling game experience.

  1. Using the link, you can download the Bluestacks file.
  2. Once you download it, configuring all settings, you can easily install it on your PC desktop or Mac.
  3. After opening the Bluestacks icon on the desktop, you will see the Google play store icon on main bluestacks screen. Just get the play store open in your PC by the click.
  4. Now, it’s just like the android environment, you can search for your dream Survivor Royale and download it.
  5. After download its ready for you to play and enjoy!


Setup of Survivor Royale with Bluestacks

Playing Survivor Royale via Nox

Nox's logo

  1. Clicking on the above link will lead you to the downloading file.
  2. Get the file downloaded, and have it on your desktop.
  3. Do all the settings and configuration work.
  4. After opening the Nox from the desktop, get to add an Apk icon on Nox screen.
  5. Here, search for the Survivor Royale, and get it on your Nox.
  6. Now open the game icon and delve into a unique gaming experience.


Survivor Royale with Nox App Player

Survivor Royale on Android

Android logoGetting Survivor Royale on android is one of the easiest way to this treat!. It is easily available on the google play store.

  1. Get to you android’s play store.
  2. Look for Survivor Royale by NetEase games.
  3. Install it and play!

Requirements Of the System:

  • If your system has 37 MB free space then be happy because you are ready to download this amazing game in your device.
  • Playing survivor royale requires you to have an Android version of 4.2 or above. You have it? Then get ready for fun!
  • It needs an access to your media, Call details and wifi etc, which almost every game does. Again that’s it! Isn’t it so easy to play this super cool game.

Note: This game has more than 10 million downloads, which makes it a very much trusted app so it can be downloaded and used without any inconvenience.

Survivor Royale on IOS Devices

iOS logoGetting a game on an Apple device sometimes may get tricky. But like on android, having bus simulator on your IOS devices is so easy. All you have to do is follow the guidelines

  1. Pop out you App store.
  2. Get to the search bar for Bus Simulator: Ultimate.
  3. After you see it, don’t waste a second and get it on your slim and smart iphone to make it more stylish.
  4. Nothing is left! Just open and play.

Let’s have a look at the system requirements for IOS devices for playing the game.

System Requirements for IOS

  1. An Apple user should immediately free up at least 1.3 GB space in order for him to enjoy this combo adventure, it’s not a game at all but rather a passion!!! So hurry up with a free space.
  2. Survivor requires an IOS device with version 8.0 or up, consequently it is compatible for an efficient use in
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPad
    • And other various version

Survivor Royale on Other OS

Chromecast logoAlthough, most of the users prefer to use the above stated methods to play the Survivor Royale on there devices, still if you are an avid game lover you would not settle down without at least having it on your TVs and LEDs. Here is our guide to play it there.

Get it on TV by Chromecast In order to have it on your TVs, you first need to download, the Chromecast

  1. Install chromecast in your device from play store.
  2. Now your device through chromecast to TV.
  3. Download the bus simulator apk using any APK download website.
  4. After downloading, follow the instructions to get it on the device and enjoy the experience on TV as well.

Note: Survivor Royale is also available for PS4 by the use of appropriate equipment which is necessary for almost every PS4 game.

Survivor Royale on Windows Phone

The good news for Microsoft users is that, Survivor royale has arrived on Microsoft store as well. Just get to your mobile store, and quench your thirst of this thriller even on Microsoft OS as well.

Talking of Developers
The fabulous game that we are talking about has been established by one of the leaders in the game industry , NetEase Games , who have been ​in the market since 2014, they have been producing some quality stuff which is difficult to ignore. The other games developed by the same manufacturer include:

  • Knives out
  • EVE Echoes
  • Identity V
  • Super Mecha Champions
  • Dawn of isles


Well, who would like to leave such a highly exotic game and get onto something else. But unfortunately, if you’re incompatible with survivor royale, due to some maybe unknown reasons, still you should not worry! We have another amazing collection for you to play from also

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Survivor Royale for PC
Am sure after reading about this exciting piece of game, you would have a lot of questions roaming your mind, here is a quick look at questions which we get the most and their answers:

  1. What is Survivor Royale?
    Just think of Survivor royale as your survival race. With all the vast field resources, it is up to you on how to survive, and come out victorious of the battleground. The game has an active player involvement of 100 per game and a few have privilege to come out victorious. So if you have the guts to take on this grinchy adventure then bring it on. You will find yourself to be a part of life amusing entertainment.
  2. Are there any In app purchases?
    Yes, a lot of them, as an elite superclass game, Survivor Royale offers you a wide of purchase choices ranging from your gears to the purchase of some game case that helps you to be a superior combatier then most of the players. The price of In-app products range from $1-$60.00.
  3. Is it a multiplayer game?
    Exactly, warriors you can also team yourself up!! Which means that you can also use it as a group of 2 and 4 survival contenders.
  4. How are the game graphics?
    Experience them yourself!!! You are going to have one of the best graphics experience till now. Delve yourself into a realistically simulated environment experience with the high quality graphics this game offers.
  5. Why is game not getting downloaded?
    Well, there can be several reasons, but first make sure you have appropriate space available and then are your Android devices or IOS devices compatible with our product, otherwise we have listed alternatives for you!!! Enjoy every single ounce of it.