Survivor Royale – New Players Guide To Win

Battle Royale games have gained an immense following over a short period. This is due to the wholesome experience that many of these games provide. They give players a chance to explore a well-detailed map, plan attacks and combat enemies. There are several battle royale style games, one of them is Survivor Royale.

Survivor Royale allows 100 players to be pitted against one another in an attempt to be the last man standing. Several factors make this game a wonderful experience overall, yet it is difficult to navigate through the game without any support. There are several things that you need to take care of while playing Survivor Royale, here are some of them-

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Learning the Map

The ideal way to land in this is similar to that of PUBG. The player should choose to land away from other players to ensure that they can get their hands on sufficient amount of loot. Dropping close to the point where other players get dropped off also increases your chances of getting killed immediately. This is why it is important to plan your landing site.


The poison gas reduces the size of the map now and then making the game more aggressive.

Available Weapons

There are several different options available to players when they play Survivor Royale. Recoil is one of the main concerns of every player in this game and it is important to pick a weapon that provides more stability as compared to the other guns.


There are several different types of guns that are available in the game. These consist of assault rifles, snipers, pistols and machine guns. There are grenades in the game that can be used to flush out snipers and used on enemies present in moving vehicles.

Combat Style

You need to follow more aggressive gameplay while playing Survivor Royale. You can use vehicles that are scattered around the map to run over your opponents. You need to be stealthy when you are on foot and avoid areas with open fire in such instances. While using a vehicle make sure you are fast and cross open terrain to make sure you can turn the way you want to avoid getting hit with gunshots.

Take Cover

It is important for players to make sure they aren’t under the direct line of sight and cannot be targeted easily by other opponents that are carrying a sniper rifle. The best way to do this is to take cover whenever possible to avoid getting shot. For this, you can enter the buildings and use them as a hiding spot when there is a possibility of an ambush. These are also the spots where one will find bulk loot to use in combat.

With these tips, it is easier to navigate your way through Survivor Royale game and make sure that you can compete with more seasoned players without being defeated every time.